5 Steps to Empower Your Sales Team

A marketing team focuses on attracting and identifying leads. A sales team focuses on converting leads into customers. A digital marketing speaker Hong Kong observed that there is always a critical gap between a marketing and sales team. There is a need to empower the sales team to fill the gap. That is through content that aligns both teams in an ultimate goal. Below are 5 steps to empower your sales team, according to a social media agency Hong Kong.

Help the Sales Team Find Your Marketing Content

Marketers spend a lot of time experimenting, planning, and writing. They focus on growing audiences through content marketing and getting prospects to lead them in the sales funnel. For the marketing team and sales team to align, marketers should help the sales team find their content and understand them better. By implementing a central content repository, salespeople can easily locate top-performing content. These can help them understand the buyer’s journey better and engage in more productive conversations.

Help the Sales Team Create More Compelling Sharing Experiences

Team collaboration is the cornerstone of digital marketing success. That is why marketers should help the sales team create a more compelling experience. Technology now allows brands and businesses to invest in content experience platforms. These are software that can help marketers and salespeople create different types of content. At the same time, the software can segment audiences based on a target persona. To help the sales team create a more compelling experience, marketers can curate, organize, and tag content by company size, industry, and sales funnel.

Make More of Sales’ Favorite Pieces

The sales team wants more of the bottom-funnel content. They are interested in making money instead of thought leadership. Today, a video marketing agency Hong Kong highlights the decreasing attention span of modern consumers. It recommends catching the audience’s attention within the first 5 seconds of content. Short videos, scannable blog posts, and news articles are, so far, the topmost performing types of content today.

Team Up with the Sales Team to Develop Content They Crave

There are two best ways where marketers can team up with the sales team to develop the content they crave.

First, they can create an advisory board to allow suggestions from the sales team. Looping them into your content strategy can help the marketing team and sales team stay aligned with the brand or business goals.

Research showed that some of the most effective pieces of content were made by the sales team. Oftentimes, the most productive salespeople do not necessarily share their sales materials because they do not want to admit that they alter some hard work made by the marketing team. To empower your sales team, hosting a content amnesty day every quarter or twice a year can help you uncover the best content. Practice a judgment-free zone on such learning exercises to better encourage the sales team as marketing partners.

Use Data to Help Both the Marketing Team and Sales Team to Become More Effective

A data-driven strategy can help both the marketing team and sales team become more effective. Collect all information on all sales interactions between existing customers and potential buyers. Use these big data analytics to segment your target persona. It will surely result in better targeting, more efficient campaigns, higher sales productivity, and more money coming in for the brand or business.