How to Advance Your Business with Facebook Communities

Online communities can significantly help brands and businesses to succeed on social media. According to a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong, these groups of loyal followers can help sustain the brand or business. They continue to patronize their products and services even if they are offered relevant options at a lower cost.

For a social media agency Hong Kong, Facebook communities can help boost brand awareness and reach. Members of the groups continuously share ads, campaigns, and content on their individual Facebook accounts. In turn, their Facebook followers and friends will see them and possibly click them.

This is especially true for short clips and long-form videos. A video marketing agency Hong Kong highlights that for video content to become viral, Facebook communities should continuously believe, engage, and support them.

But how can you advance your business with Facebook communities? Here are some tips from Meta, the rebranded Facebook company itself.


A Facebook Community Page is designed to group people interested in the same niche, subject matter, or topic. They can be brand followers, fan pages, non-business sectors, etc. Members of a community page share similar experiences and interests. A Facebook community page has an administrator and may have a moderator. Even though they manage the page, the followers and members collectively own the page. Among some of the largest and most popular Community Pages on Facebook in 2022 are Cheap Meal Ideas, Home Buddies, Makeup Artists, Math Formulas, and Netflix Recommendations.

Facebook community pages are different from Facebook business pages. Brands and businesses set up business profiles on Facebook to keep their followers updated with what’s happening in the company. It also helps them launch ads and campaigns. While Facebook and individual users can set up community pages to group users within the same line of interest.


Recently, Facebook published a 39-page playbook entitled: “Community for Brands.” It aims to help organizations understand the importance of Facebook communities in achieving their business goals.

Align your business goals with an ROI framework for Facebook communities.

Facebook communities can help brands and businesses earn, grow, and save. a brand or business can align these goals through a return on investment (ROI) framework. Fundraising, partnerships, and subscription within Facebook communities can generate Revenue, Savings, and Insights (ROI). Moreover, brands and businesses should focus on advocacy, customer retention, and product innovation within the internal community.

Measure the outcomes of posting in Facebook communities.

After setting up specific objectives aligned with Facebook communities, brands and businesses should never stop measuring analytics. From the outcomes of posting in Facebook communities, they can determine whether an ad or campaign is performing well or worst. As such, they can better decide what ads or campaigns to use in the future, plus the ones they need to improve.

Post valuable content continuously to keep engagement within Facebook communities.

Every brand or business needs to nurture Facebook communities to strive and thrive. Posting relevant and valuable content can help Facebook communities grow. They should give users a reason to join. They should also give members a reason to grow. Do not forget to interact with them through comments and replies. Let everyone feel heard, important, and valued.