As the world goes back to the new normal, a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong highlights the importance of starting anew. Even a social media agency Hong Kong notes that every brand or business should get a new look to bounce back from the pandemic. For a video marketing agency Hong Kong, there are several ways to start anew in social media. Here they are!

Archive Old Social Media Posts

The first step to starting anew in social media is to archived social media posts. These pieces of content no longer serve their purpose and may only clutter your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter timeline. Just like home renovations, there’s a need to declutter and upgrade the functionalities of your social media pages. To archive old social media posts, find a way to hide them to avoid losing engagement such as comments, likes, or shares. As such, you can always put them back on ads needed or preferred.

Ask the Audience What They Want

Consumer behaviors have changed due to the lockdown and social distancing enforced by the government during the COVID-19 pandemic. Everything is uncertain, including social media analytics, as privacy policies have also been strictly enforced. To start anew in social media, ask the audience what they want. Understanding what they need can also help brands and businesses grow. There are several ways to do this including:

  • Communicating with them via chat, comment, etc.
  • Encouraging Community feedback
  • Polls
  • Sending emails
  • Surveys

Put the Business in Front of New People

You can now start anew in social media by building brand awareness. The best way is to optimize social media content for SEO. Use keywords in your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter posts. They can drive traffic to your website as they make them visible on Google. Make things easier for your social media audiences using a buy now, see more, or share button, etc. Build your brand with love. Do this by nurturing your followers with the type of content they love and are valuable to them.

Reintroduce Yourself

Being proactive in reintroducing your new brand is the best way to start anew in social media. Update your social media profiles. Upload a new logo, profile image, and descriptions. You can even use interactive videos to tell your brand story. Share behind the scenes, highlight your mission and vision, and recreate a new branding scheme. A simple change in color tones can make a big difference in reintroducing yourself.


To start anew in social media does not mean changing your social media accounts and pages. What it means is to give a brand a new look that is more appealing to modern audiences.